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Automatic invoicing

Apply of automatic invoicing

Automatic invoicing will be used especially for regular recurring invoices, pre-invoices, orders, quotations, etc. With automatic invoicing, you can issue documents regularly, such as monthly or annually, to customers whose list doesn't change significantly. For example, you can issue invoices for the lease of premises, cars, land, etc. Invoices for energy, water or sewage consumption. Invoices for parking spaces, garbage collection, various fees, such as a dog, cable TV, internet connection, use of space, etc.

Use of automatic invoicing

Automatic invoicing in EconomSys invoicing software is very flexible. Allows you to assign one subscriber address to multiple address groups. You can then set up different user-defined billing items for the groups you create. For example, you can set up billing items, such as rent and energy consumption, for a customer group called Tenants. To the customer group named Parking, you attach a parking invoice item. You will attach invoicing items to a group of customers called Residents, such as the price for waste collection, or fees for renting a grave site, internet connection, etc.

Automatic invoicing system allows you to define your own billing items and attach them to individual customers, or use fixed items, common to all issued documents in a given batch.

If you make a mistake when issuing invoices, they can be easily deleted and reissued. Alternatively, you can edit each invoice or other document issued in this way individually.

How to start?

To begin with, we recommend watching the sample video, which shows you step-by-step how to set up automatic invoicing. We recommend that you back up your database before starting automatic document creation so that you can easily return to your pre-billing status and repeat the process at any time.

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